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Christmas fundraising appeal

CLIENT: Fight for Sight

Brand: Fight For Sight

Sector: Non profit

Objective: To create a fundraising pack for Fight for Sight's Christmas appeal

Deliverables: A5 leaflet, cover letter, A4 donation form, C5 outer envelope, business reply envelope and a cut-out bauble.

Approach: Working in partnership with copywriter, Fiona Lawrie, we devised a campaign to highlight Joe's story and how research has helped his sight loss. After pitching three concepts, we then worked up one idea into a complete pack. We particularly wanted to feature a bold headline on the outer to leverage the pack's doormat appeal.

Tools: Indesign. Collaboration and client review using Adobe Creative Cloud.

Comment: Working with Fiona is always a pleasure – particularly with Fight for Sight who treat us as part of the team. This campaign has been particular success.

Images sourced from client's library and licensed stock images.


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