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Creating a new health & fitness brand

Updated: Feb 14, 2022

CLIENT: Jan Dugdale Pilates

Brand: Jan Dugdale Pilates

Sector: Sports & Leisure

Objective: To create a clean fresh brand for a new Pilates business. The client wanted a logo, a standalone brand icon and a 'clean and serene' colour palette.

Deliverables: Brand toolkit featuring a logo and brand icon in 21 variations, in hi-res and digital resolution.

Approach: Used the business initials to create a clean and simple brand icon in a variety of shapes and colours. Used images of the Caribbean Sea to recreate a calming, oceanic colour palette with RGB, HEX and CMYK values.

Tools: Indesign, Illustrator

Comment: Currently build a new website and booking app with the new brand look and feel. Watch this space :)


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