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I've been a bit busy...

Updated: Mar 8, 2023


Brands: Royal British Legion Industries (RBLI) , Fight for Sight, Air Ambulance Kent Surrey Sussex, Mental Health Foundation, Vision Foundation

Sectors: Non profit, military, health,

Comment: February is always nerve-wrackingly quiet. I should know this by now. But even after 12+ years of freelancing, I still have a niggling brain worm telling me that's it – I'm done. It's the plague of all freelancers; a rollercoaster of too much work/not enough work that we have absolutely no control over.

So how do I get through February? Firstly, I fight the urge to huddle under a duvet and watch Netflix (if nothing else to save on the central heating). Instead, I update my portfolio. Looking over my recent work never fails to lift my flagging spirits and this year more than most. It reminded me that a little lull now is exactly what I need to recharge after an exceptionally busy six months producing a number of 60+ page glossy reports – and plenty of other stuff in between.

And guess what, while I've been writing this, I've had two emails booking work in for March. Thus proving, once again, that I really shouldn't listen to that pesky brain worm.

Happy February everyone.


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